Author, Actress, Guest Speaker, Producer

Kinya Shakur Travis

​As a child, learning to love and accept myself was a challenge - I felt inundated with images of pop culture that did not always reflect my own. However, looking back I believe the work my parents consistently put in at home, introducing me to African and African-American history in books, art, and toys helped to build a foundation of self worth. Today, educating my own children about their heritage and encouraging respect and understanding of other cultures takes priority.  My husband and I witnessed the positive affects of our acts through our own children and the relationships they’ve built with those of other races.  This eventually motivated me to assist other children and their families with entertaining stories from a cultural perspective.  I also co-wrote and produced a play for the International Festival at my kids' school.  As an actress, I am accustomed to studying individuals then physically and mentally bringing them to life.  Creative writing allows me to express that mental part of my craft and share what I am most passionate about today - my children.  Victorianne Phoenix is a character created from a string of episodes of my daughter’s journey in understanding her own uniqueness.  I will continue to manifest these experiences through Victorianne’s eyes, adopting other characters along the way and inspiring our youth through this series and more...stay tuned!


I am an Author, Actress/Producer, Wife and Mother of two, and I'm not done yet!  My philosophy? “Know Thyself” a common truth that I try to incorporate into everything I do.  I am forever the student.  Never stop believing, never stop learning, never stop growing!